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cool game i like it but it also makes me want to set fire to a childrens hospital so im not beating it

Are you okay bruh??!!!

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Berserk is broken in the end. In the end, if we are close to the boss we can hit him repeatedly until he dies.

Because of berserk we move 2 times and doing this we jump or get close somehow and keep hitting.

Solved this on the final version (Steam)

I made a review in spanish 



Game mechanics are fun.  I'd suggest making it impossible for enemies to spawn in positions where they immediately attack the player without the player being allowed any actions in the infinite arena, but then I suppose you could just keep going forever. You probably still can with the shield, though, assuming it recharges between waves. I took the jump damage ability and the jump range increase and that made the rest of the game pretty easy after the second upgrade.  Still fun, though, and I think that's probably pretty lucky of me to get.  


This is really satisfying in terms of the core mechanics. A couple of small points though:

- Could you mark the upgrade rooms on the 'map' at the top of the screen?

- The lack of healing is a bit punishing. +2 health is a bit too underpowered to take as an upgrade, but the effect of losing health ends up compounding as you try to reach the end, especially as in later levels a mistake generally ends up costing multiple HP. Even if you don't want to fully heal the player, I wonder if there's some sort of trade-off you can offer to players who want to get some health back?


Thanks for playing!

There's a upgrade rooms map on the final version which is coming very soon.

The final game's difficulty is more spreaded throught the game, I made the demo a little bit harder/longer. Hope to see you on launch day!


How do I heal?


On the upgrade rooms, if you have luck

When you beat the boss you also get full hp.

Neat game


Finally beat it
The boss died instantly when I threw my sword at him so thats a bummer

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Berserk + Throw, right?

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i was pretty sure berserk only upped speed however


Great concept, would be perfect w/ more content


Thanks! There's a lot of work to do on Undergrave yet hehe